Program Facilitators and Assistants:

Deborah Bulleit - Deb has worked for many years in criminal rehabilitation and substance abuse (state, county and private juvenile detention centers in the Louisville area, the Jefferson Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center, including the methadone clinic, the drop-in AA center, the residential program and the suicide hot lines.) Named as one of 128 “Leadership Louisville Connectors”  (of 5,500 nominations), Deb has developed the connections necessary to negotiate the various political hurdles in conceiving and implementing new educational programs in jail and prison settings (and recently has been offering programs in the Madison, IN prison for Women and the Henryville, IN men’s unit, which have been praised by Indiana Department of Corrections officials.) After studying many different rehabilitation systems, it was Deb who brought Freedom 101 to the justice system in 2001, after volunteering her time over 15 years in a non-profit Cincinnati organization, in order to learn more of the method that she knew could be “tweaked” to work in the jail setting, in a cost-savings, time-saving and yet unusually effective method. She focuses on training future facilitators to continue these classes long after she is gone, with the intention of eventually turning over the program to the inmate grads themselves. Deb also has taught beginning computer classes at IU Southeast for over ten years, and now also at Lifelong Learning in Corydon, IN. In September of 2010, Deb was honored as one of five top nominees for Clark County’s “Woman of the Year.” 

Tom Klein of Louisville, KY – With his passionate interest in human potential, Tom intensely pursued studies under master facilitator Steve Sherwood.  In 2001, along with Deb Bulleit, Tom co-developed and was the first facilitator for Freedom 101: Dealing With Confinement. He has also developed and led a course entitled In Search Of The Elusive Joy Spot: An Introduction to Centering.  Tom and Deb collaborated with Sherwood in the development and facilitation of two advanced seminars – Freedom 102: Dealing With Freedom and Contract on Fire, a seminar for which Tom developed and recorded a professionally produced CD entitled Strings.  In 2003, Tom was recognized by world renowned author Gary Zukav ( on his website as Soul Guest.  In his semi-retirement Tom is owner of PERSPECTIVES SEMINARS ( and frequently speaks to groups and facilitates and assists with personal and professional development seminars and centering exercises nationwide.   Tom’s dream is to make available heart freeing experiences for the expansion of human potential to all people. He believes that valuing the unique contribution of each individual and actively assisting them in developing themselves in a responsible, holistic manner are key in developing success and fulfillment. Tom’s personal motto is: We are on this earth for, not in spite of, each other.

Nancy Baxter of Cincinnati, Ohio, has developed and facilitated a diverse range of classes to an equally diverse range of students. Nancy is currently facilitating a 12-Step Workshop for the Hamilton County (Ohio) Court Clinic’s Alternative Intervention for Women’s program, and the Off the Streets Program designed to get prostitutes ‘off the streets’ and off drugs and into a more healthy and productive lifestyle. She has also facilitated Freedom 101 for inmates in jails and prisons in Clark, Dearborn, Floyd, Harrison, and Jefferson Counties in Indiana, Grayson County, KY and the River City Correctional Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her presentations include the right balance of useful information, humor, and opportunities for students to express themselves. She is also skilled at adapting course materials to fit various learning styles and situations. Nancy has completed 4 years of Facilitator Training plus 6 years of various Leadership Training classes.

 Lynne Taylor of St. Marys, Ohio, first honed her facilitation skills in 1977 as the 4-H Assistant for the Cooperative Extension Service. Since then she has worked in the Life Skills/Personal Growth field, first in Program Development at Quest International from 1986–1999, and currently as a facilitator in jails and prisons as well as in YMCA’s, local fitness clubs, schools, and businesses in Ohio; and as an independent contractor to national educational publishers. Trained in 2003 as a small group facilitator in Columbus, Ohio, she continued in that role for Lifestream Columbus until 2005. From 2005 through 2007, she moved her focus from the private sector to the incarcerated population, where she continued to be a volunteer facilitator-in-training in the growing Freedom 101 program. In 2007 she completed Facilitator Training, a 2 year program, taught by author and master facilitator, Steve Sherwood. Lynne has been a Freedom 101 facilitator in jails and prisons in Indiana, Kentucky and southern Ohio since March of 2007. She has developed exercises for Freedom 101 and Freedom 102 and has also developed Parenting: Reaching Out from Confinement, a parenting program for incarcerated men and women and Embracing a Healthier You!, taught in YMCA’s in northwestern Ohio. Lynne’s calming nature is enhanced by her skills as a certified yoga instructor. She connects quickly with the inmates due to her unique applicable life experiences and ability to communicate honestly.  Her firm, no-nonsense approach to facilitation, coupled with the safe, trusting environment she creates, works to move participants past their own and others’ expectations.

Rick Shuster, an attorney in Louisville, Kentucky, has been in private practice since 1981. He concentrates in consumer bankruptcy & family law, and is an active member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. He has been assisting with and conducting personal growth seminars in county jails & the Indiana prison system for over four years, developing and pioneering the “About Money” seminar last year in Harrison County.  Rick has completed 2 years of Facilitator Training plus various Forum Leadership Training classes. In October of 2010, Rick was recognized with the prestigious “WLKY Bell Award” for his many hours of volunteer time while adding his unique contribution to the development of the Freedom 101&102 programs. In working with the Freedom 101 students, Rick’s motto for them is “It is never too late to become who you were meant to be.” 

Mark Chinn, Freedom 101 Facilitator Assistant, another of our first Freedom 101 & 102 grads, is now an unflagging F101 volunteer and board member.  Mark is also a well-recognized community leader in local NA groups, as well as with youth groups in his church. Mark is currently working on developing re-entry options for ex-offenders, so they won’t have to return to their community “with absolutely nothing but the clothes they are wearing” – as was his experience after serving his time! 

Sara Chinn, Freedom 101 volunteer and Jail Computer Instructor Assistant was born and raised in southern Harrison County, Indiana.  Incarcerated in January of 2002, Sara graduated from the very first Freedom 101 & 102 classes and went on to attend several other of our early classes, including the Computer Skills class and a very early rendition of our About Money class. She has since been an extremely valuable volunteer in our classes, notably Freedom 101 and the Computer Job Skills classes. Along with her husband Mark, Sara has become a valuable (and valued) member of our board of directors.

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